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At A&F Autosales, we provide the best customer service and a large selection of pre-owned vehicles in the area. We are picky about the vehicles we choose to stock, and sell. Offering and selling the best of the best pre-owned vehicles will make satisfied customers. Please believe that customer satisfaction is something we take seriously. We ask our customers to rate us, the service we provide, and how their cars perform. By working with our customers, we can improve our services and tailor our inventory to what our customers need. A car is an expensive purchase, which is why we don’t take the process, or our customers, lightly. We value their input and ask that they help us help them. Let us know what you need, and we’ll do whatever we can to help. We invite you to get to know the

Why are our customers so important to us? Because we plan to serve them and their families in the future

A&F autosales is a small dealership, we were founded on the principles of providing the best selection of pre-owned cars at the lowest possible prices for our customer